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Understanding the Leadership Role June 26-27, 2017 – Rolla, Missouri

This 16-hour course features fundamental leadership concepts designed to enhance the overall knowledge, skill and ability of line function employees from public safety, government sector and private sector organizations who are preparing for future leadership roles within the organization. The course is primarily designed for those personnel either preparing for future advancement or aspiring to improve overall individual performance, while enhancing an understanding of basic leadership concepts. The course is also open to current leaders who have not received formal supervisory training, but wish to enhance personal leadership knowledge, skill and ability.

Regional Training Bulletin



SAVE THE DATE: Midwest Gang Investigators Association Training Conference

Midwest Gang Investigators Association, Missouri chapter - 2017 TRAINING CONFERENCE, Oasis conference center, Springfield, MO - September 12 - 14, 2017

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SWAT Training Available

MO-TAC SYSTEMS was founded in 2008 by Terrence McGinnis, a retired 32 year veteran FBI Special Agent of the FBI. During Agent McGinnis's career he was a member of the FBI SWAT team for 25 years holding numerous positions as operator and SWAT team leader. McGinnis's fellow instructors are Bob Rothrock a retired Missouri Highway Patrol SWAT Commander with over 25 years of experience, Jerome Klipfel a retired St Louis City Deputy Commander of the SWAT team with over 30 year's experience, a US Marine Scout Sniper and a recently retired Tier One operator with the US Army Special Operations Command. MO-TAC SYSTEMS is committed to providing commissioned law enforcement and corrections officers with excellent low cost Missouri POST approved SWAT training covering Basic SWAT, Enhanced Sniper/Observer and Patrol Rifle. We also offer Basic Tactical Rappelling, Tactical Firearms and Active Shooter. Our training facility is located in Hermann Missouri, in the heart of Missouri wine country. We also have a mobile training team that can travel to sponsoring departments training area to train officers saving money on travel.

Basic Swat Operator

Swat Tactical Rappelling

Enhanced Sniper-Observer



The Missouri Peace Officers Association, at the approval of the Executive Committee, has entered into a partnership with an on-line,
POST approved provider; LocalGovU. By clicking on this link, www.localgovu.com/mpoa, you will be directed to their website where you will learn more about this exclusive training partnership and the benefits it provides. While we have negotiated a few free classes in order to introduce you to this great training, it is still up to you and/or your agency to register you for an account and to review the other wonderful classes, all of which are POST certified and all at a reduced cost due to your membership with MPOA.

LocalGovU can provide you with every hour necessary to meet your 3-year Missouri POST requirements with the exception of the 4 Skill hours necessary regarding firearms training. MPOA is working closely with LocalGovU to introduce other courses that will benefit Missouri law enforcement and your input as to future courses, subjects, topics is requested. Please forward any suggestions for other courses to Executive Director Dale Schmidt at dschmidt@mopoa.org or call the office at 816 581-3767. We are excited about this opportunity as it will allow agencies with limited resources to obtain necessary training with minimal cost as it provides in-house, on-site capabilities without the need to send officers away for in-service training and the costs associated
with it.

We thank you for your service to your communities and for your membership in the Missouri Peace Officers Association. We hope that you see the benefit of this on-line training opportunity as we do. And as always, stay safe out there.



An annual conference co-sponsored by the Missouri Peace Officers Association provides training sessions in current issues of law enforcement to keep members of the profession informed on new procedures, laws and technology. The conference enables members to exchange ideas and encourages cooperation among all groups of law enforcement. A free exchange of ideas and experiences is encouraged to help members in solving local problems within each community. When Missouri's peace officers work together in a cooperative manner our communities benefit and law enforcement is enhanced for the citizens of Missouri.

The Missouri Peace Officers Association is an Approved Provider of Law Enforcement Continuing Education therefore training is POST approved. The MPOA training program is provided in conjunction with the Training Committee whose purpose is to promote the proper training of Missouri peace officers. Members of the Training Committee for 2014-2015 are: Chet Mackiewicz, Chair; Richard Gillespie, Tim Moore, Bob Ronkoski and Dale Schmidt.


Information is available to view or download for peace officers so they can train civilians on how to respond. This information is available from the website of Director James Simmerman, Saline County Criminal Justice Training Center. The web address is

Chemical Suicides-First Responder Safety

This is a 1 hour POST approved course available by contacting Director James Simmerman at james.simmerman@att.net or contacting him through the Saline County Sheriffs Office at 660-886-7984


POST Approved Provider Peace Officer Continuing Education: {2 hrs. Legal, 2 hours Interpersonal, and 3 hours Technical} This is the third part in a three part series on Homicide CSI, but may be taken independently. The
objectives regarding Recording Custodial Interrogations is current with the Revised Statutes of Missouri Since 2009. For course questions or to register contact James Simmerman, Director of the Saline County Criminal Justice Training Center at 660-886-7984 (h) or by e-mail to james.simmerman@att.net.

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An Organization with a Cooperative Ideal for Law Enforcement for the State of Missouri
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